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Mr. Miles 24 Hours of Alaska

Date: Saturday, June 13-14, 2014. Race start 12 Noon Saturday, race finish 12 Noon Sunday. All three races will start at noon, with the 6-hour finishing at 6pm Saturday, the 12-hour finishing at Midnight and the 24-hour race finishing at noon Sunday.
Location: Matanuska Lakes State Rec Area, Palmer, Alaska
Registration: Registration at ultrasignup.com here: https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?eid=4392 until Thursday, June 11th at midnight. Then, race day sign up available.
Cost: $100 for 6, 12, 24 hour racers. Race day sign up $125.
Course: 4.5 mile loop course consisting of wooded single track/farm fields. Looping course is repeated until time is up!
Race description: Racers sign up for 6, 12 or 24 hour option. There will be a central staging location consisting of timing tent/headquarters, check-in station and one central aid station providing drinks and food to all participants. All three races will start at Noon on Saturday. Racers start from the central staging area, run the 4.5 mile loop course counterclockwise (map here) as many times possible in under their designated time limit (6, 12, 24 hours).  
****There will be no relay teams this year.
Race Rules:    
- There will be only one aid station in the central staging area. Drinks and food will be provided, including water and sport drinks, hot soup, fruit, pretzels and various sugary substances. We will not be providing gels. If racers want additional foods/drinks of their own, they can have them at their vehicles or in a drop bag at the staging area.
- State parking and camping fees will apply. If you set up a tent to sleep during the race, plan to pay a camping fee. Please respect State Park rules  and regulations. The park is NOT closed for this race. There will be other park users who will always have the right of way, including horses, bikers and hikers. Be courteous.
- DO NOT LITTER. Anyone caught littering will be automatically disqualified. We know that little ticky-tacky pieces of packaging can fall out of pockets accidentally. To avoid this, empty pockets after each loop in provided trash bags and cans. If you see trash on the trail, please pick it up. We want to leave the trails nicer than when we started!
- After sunset, headlamps are required.
- After the race start, each lap is complete as soon as you finish the loop and check in. You new lap starts immediately after this check-in when you check out. You must check in and check out with a race official for every loop. If you plan to rest or sleep for a period of time either in your tent, car or at the upper camping area, you MUST check-in at the race headquarters BEFORE starting the next loop. Don't check out for the next loop if you are planning on resting or sleeping because we will think you are out on the course for 2-3 hours and will come looking for you. Once you start the race course, you will find out very quickly that the Greenbelt is a maze of trails that can swallow someone not familiar with them.

- Anyone completing 100+ miles in under 24 hours will receive a 100-mile finisher buckle.

- No dogs please. If you take a dog on a loop, either off leash or on, this loop will not count in your overall distance.
- The course will be marked with temporary lathe/pie plates and survey flagging.
- Bibs must be visible at all times during the race.
- This race is meant to be FUN. We encourage a summer party atmosphere. Anyone seen looking glum or unhappy will be required to run an additional lap, naked, at the post-race BBQ. Don't let this be you!
- No race refunds.
Andrea Hambach,
Mar 30, 2014, 11:04 PM