No Canoe Loop 11-Miler

There will be no 2015 race this year! 
When: March 8th, 2014
Race time: 10AM, meet 9AM
Where: Nancy Lake State Rec Area, Canoe Loop. Meet mile 2 winter parking lot for race start
Entry Fee: $40 on-line sign-up, $50 race day sign-up
Why this course? This 11-mile loop is a unique experience that you can only get in the winter months. In the summer, you will be lugging a canoe, swatting mosquitos and cursing whoever's idea it was to come out here. BUT in the winter, it is smooth sailing over portages and lakes. As soon as you are tired of the lake, it's over and you have a fun hilly portage and pop out onto the next one.
About the race: Entry is open to runners only. The course starts at Mile 2 of the Nancy Lake Parkway, at the winter parking lot. From there it takes the Bald Lake Cabin trail to the Canoe Loop Trail. Once on Ardaw Lake, the course will turn left and follow the entire canoe loop, circling back around to Ardaw Lake and back to the parking lot.  The trail is groomed, with conditions depending on recent temperatures and snowfall. See map here . The trail consists of fairly flat travel over 16 lakes with (sometimes) hilly portages in between them. There can overflow and ice along the way, better or worse depending on the weather.  There is one aid station, at mile 6.5. This is a mandatory check-in location. There is some but limited snowmachine travel over this course.
On-line- Go to and search for the race
Race Rules:
- Be respectful of other trail users. The trail is not closed for the race. There will be skiers and snowmachiners on the trail as well, using it for travel to Park cabins.
- Mandatory check in at the aid station around mile 6.5, between Big NoLuck and Little NoLuck lakes. If your name is not on the check off list, you didn't finish the race. No exceptions. We don't want to lose track of anyone out there.
- No Mandatory gear. The aid station will have drinks and food, but be prepared if you feel you will need more. Do not plan to leave any extra clothes or gear with the aid-station volunteers. You may not get it back again.
- Mandatory race meeing at 9:40am. You will here the latest trail info regarding course marking and overflow.
- Course will be open until 2pm.
General information:
- The Mile 2 parking lot fills up fast with snowmachine trailers and trucks. Get there with enough time to find a parking spot.
- Be aware that this is a State Park parking lot. There is a $5 fee unless you have a sticker.
- We will have some drinks at the finish.
- We will have a participation prizes guaranteed for those signing up at least 1 month before the race