Weather and Trail Report

March 8, 2013: It has been a warm winter up here in Willow, with little recent weather anywhere less than +10. But, we've had good snow and trails are still hard and run--able and ride-able. The Canoe loop route is in amazing shape with almost no overflow and hard packed all the way around. Looks to be great trail conditions for the No-Canoe Loop 11-miler tomorrow.
Dave, marking the No-Canoe Loop race
 December 9, 2012: The long-standing high pressure system has let up. It is around 0-10+ right now and snowed about 7-8 inches, with more coming down today. Yesterday's trail report for the 2nd half of the course was not good, but today, it's completely different. The rough spots with little snow cover will have a great base by Solstice race day. More snowmachine traffic and Willow Trail Committee grooming will give the trails around Willow excellent running and winer biking conditions. Pictures show the race trails without the most recent snowfall:
Out-bound at the kiosk, Out-bound to Red Shirt Lake and the support crew, sweeping the trail
December 2, 2012: Dave and I ran the Half Marathon course today. Incredible trail, even with no more snow. Trails are groomed to perfection, flat and fast. Temps still cold, we started around noon with a temperature around -5 (yes, minus). Minimal wind and none really expected up here in Willow. Very reasonable running conditions. Warmed up to probably about +5 by the turnaround and way back.
November 22, 2012: Thanksgiving. Well, after 10 days in Hawaii, we came back to a 100 degree difference. It's been -20 every morning for the past 3 days. We have about 6 inches of snow on the ground, but not quite enough good coverage in the swamps. Future weather report looks like cold for at least a week with possible snow in about 8-10 days. Walk on the trails after too much turkey:
November 7, 2012: Cold. It's been cold for going on three weeks. At our house, the north end of Willow, we are waking up to -5 the last few days. Trails are rock hard and all the wet summer trails are fun to run now. Nancy Lake State Rec Area (NLSRA) trails are all still accessible (they only close the gate when there is too much snow). This means East Red Shirt to Lynx Lake Road and East Red Shirt to Red Shirt Lake are all at their best. Red Shirt Lake trail at South Rolly is of course open and in great shape. Spikes would be a good idea as there are some slick spots. Lakes are frozen over well, so now all we need is some snow!